Tristan et Iseult en peinture

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Tristan and Isoldeby John Duncan (1866-1945)
Tristan and Isoldeby Herbert James Draper (1901)
Tristram Carried His Love Awayby Thomas Mackenzie (1920)
Tristram and Isolde Drinking the Love Potionby Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1867)
Tristram and Isoudeby Evelyn Paul (1920)
Wagner Girdle:Tristan Diesby Alexander Fisher (1893-1896)
Reunion in Deathby August Spieß (1892)
Tristram and Iseultby Sindey Meteyard (1868-1947)
Isolde by Aubrey Beardsley (Illustration inPan, Berlin 1900)
La Belle Iseultby William Dyce (1853)
Sir Tristram Assults King Mark by Howard Pyle (1905)
Sir Tristram Gave Her a Ring by Arthur A Dixon (1921)
The Death of Sir Tristan, from The Story of Tristan and Isolde, William Morris & Co. by Ford Madox Brown
The Death of Tristram by Marianne Stokes 1902
They Went into Their Country of Benoyeby William Russel Flint (1927)
Tristan and Isolde by Salvador Dali (1944)
by Yoshitaka Amano (1980s)
Seperationby August Spieß (1892)
Tristan by Nicholas Roerich (1912)
Yseult la Blonde by Gaston Bussière (1900)
Tristan and Isolde with the Potionby John William Waterhouse (1916)
 Tristan and Isolde by Edmund Leighton (1902)

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Jane Ennis 07/12/2014 15:39

LA BELLE ISEULT est de William Morris, pas de William Dyce!!