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Eddie is a local surfer in my documentary. We met in La Jolla, California which is a favorite surf spot. This is the first time I believe that I’ve published this particular frame from this roll of film. It was on display about 6 years ago as a canvas print in a local exhibit I had going on for awhile.


This is probably one of my most published photographs. Nathan came here to San Diego from Washington state to be a part of my photo essay and documentary film. It was in 2006.


I photographed Zander here in San Diego in 2009. He was in Southern California on vacation from the UK. He’s a great friend and back then had seen another image I’d taken using this old American flag. This is our collaborative interpretation of that original image. The flag is unique because it only has 48 stars. It appears people are discovering me and my body of work which spans nearly 20 years. I saw this image on tumblr, it had over 2000 shares, but no mention of me or my documentary work titled: America’s Finest Kids.


Cory’s 19th birthday: Pennsylvania 2007 www.americasfinestkids.com


Josh, smoking cigarettes naked at the bridges… www.americasfinestkids.com 




Jody aint trash. Downtown San Diego, CA  www.americasfinestkids.com 


Keith in downtown San Diego as the trolley passes bye… www.americasfinestkids.com 


Sean in Seattle back in 2008. He’s looking for a girl to come over and hang out with us… www.americasfinestkids.com 


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