scène domestique

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thecabinet: Andreas Andersen, Interior with Hendrik C. Andersen y John Potter Briggs en Florencia, 1894


Qui pourrait me donner l'auteur de cette charmante scène domestique

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Donald 24/02/2013 10:58

Another reference to the painting, in Italian:

tadeomakarios 24/02/2013 04:25

Andreas Andersen

Jean Vernier 23/02/2013 23:42

Hendrick C. Anderson, (Bergen,Norvège, 17 aprile 1872 – Roma, 19 dicembre 1940)

Interior with Hendrick C. Anderson and John Briggs Potters in Florence, 1894

lesdiagonalesdutemps 24/02/2013 00:14

merci pour cette information. Je ne connais pas ce peintre je vais tenter de m'informer car cette toile m'intrigue beaucoup.

Donald 23/02/2013 20:48

A little confusing and conflicting.
1. Hendrik and his older brother Andreas Andersen were from Norway. They were probably lovers.
2. The US author Henry James and Hendrik were lovers. James' letters to Hendrik are famous.
3. One caption for the painting:
“Interior with Hendrik C. Andersen and John Briggs Potter in Florence, 1894” by Andreas Andersen
4. Other information on the painting, indicating another identity for the sitting man:
"Hendrik was devastated by the early death of his older brother Andreas, who was probably his lover; Andreas has painted a languidly post-coital homoerotic self-portrait, with Hendrik lying naked
in bed with a sheet pushed down below his waist and bulging above his genitals, one arm behind his head, the other stretched out to pet a cat, while Andreas sits naked on the edge of the bed,
drawing on a pair of socks."

lesdiagonalesdutemps 24/02/2013 00:17

merci pour toutes ses informations, mon titre scène domestique était bien sur ironique, je trouvais cela plus drôle qu'après l'amour.

bruno 23/02/2013 20:00

Peut être :
merci pour vos billets