Salty Rose

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velcro I want you to know that in this world, there is a kind of beauty that comes from nowhere. it does not hold any meaning by itself, but it bears the human in you.


growing older sometimes I wonder, how did I go through all those years of school? I thought I was happy back then, but it’s really because I did not truly know sad from happy, duty from freedom. everything was okay and I was content with that. stick to the rule and you’ll be fine, or so I thought. dear, how I was wrong. sometimes I wish I had made more mistakes back then, so that I would not have grown as much fear, and so that it does not bother me so when I look around and realize how strange I am. I suppose I have a wound somewhere. where exactly, I do not know. because it does not hurt anymore. that is life, it still is beautiful all the same. at least I am still here now.


dead in spring, born in summer.


does it hurt, your dream?


how I got butterflies in my stomach


pour life into me, so much that I will die.


I will always drink with you,but you will be drinking wine and I will be drinking milk. we shall drink our memories away.


you know my secret


because today is a really strange day


you told me who you are and I love you for that


and you live on forever


smells like citrus


angel in the sky


I dreamed of my grandfather. the sound of his harmonica lies deep inside me.


I love bicycle very much. I used to ride every evening when I was little. it’s kinda sad that I don’t have one with me now.


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