salty rose

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dear younger self,


what do you see over there?


deep summer


when suddenly everything turned white


monday eyes


what is said, I will keep what is unsaid, I will not forget


angel in the sky


Saint Slippers Walking across the earth, saying farewell to every person in sight. Until he met someone called Sadness. “You are beautiful and I do not wish to let you go. But I have to.”


it’s alright, even if I can’t cry






so old, so young


deja vu







window seat every flight always and forever



I wish I have some space for a little garden. I used to play in my grandma’s garden as a child.


I love dragonflies. they are so pretty.


because of a thing or two, I start drawing on envelopes. I bought a pack of 20. wonder how many I can finish.


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xristophe 08/04/2013 23:19

Salty Rose, Salty Rose - mais encore ? Douce énigme... Et certes c'est mieux dessiné, et plus original, plus inventif que le street-art toutes tendances confondues qui ne renouvellent guère leur
quasiment non-inventivité, et misent on dirait, justement, sur cette dèche bien peu "provocante"...

lesdiagonalesdutemps 08/04/2013 23:34

Et bien je ne sais rien sur "salty rose" sinon que je l'ai rencontré (e) lors d'une errance sur la toile mais nous allons bien avoir un visiteur pour qui ce dessinateur ou trice n'a aucun secret.