Que la jeunesse était belle en noir et blanc (85)

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enteparfait: Andre Fellipe <3











dreamersbymichael: isaak for dreamers by michael descendre





 Vasiliy Makarov



sean-clancy: Felix Feltham and Alex Heerema by Brett Lloyd



americasfinestkids: It had been almost 6 years since I’ve seen Brandon. Recently we have been back in touch and discussing a photo shoot. Last weekend I drove up from San Diego and spent the weekend with Brandon and Josh. We had a lot of fun and it was so nice to see my friend again and to make a new friend. I’ll be posting more photos from our shoot and time together. Photo sets and single images as well. This one I feel, stands alone. Brandon and Josh in Los Angeles, California. 2013


superfriky: Raphael Kustura
sean-clancy: Frederik Ruegger

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Gilles 07/12/2013 16:39

Très belles photos merci.