Pour se souvenir d'Agostino de Bolognini

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Bruno 14/07/2016 20:15

Gay Culte a donné un lien :


VO d'assez bonne qualité

Bernard 04/02/2013 06:36

I know that VHS version, and yes it's not watchable. I did a search and there is not a true DVD of Agostino for sale, but instead a VHS transfer to DVD. It's not even DVD quality but VHS! And
$39.95 for a false DVD?


Ingrid Thulin plays Agostino's mother, I guess you can watch the nordic version of the mother/son psycho-sexual plot in Bergman's 'The Silence', released a year after Agostino.


I think in the future Agostino will be released/restored in DVD format, at least there's Ingrid Thulin in it, and it happens that many of these italian films are not fully copyrighted, which
explains why many Viscontis and Fellinis (with the exception of some films that were produced by american companies) are now being released in DVD by third party unknown companies. And I'm still
waiting for a blu-ray version of Death in Venice, Criterion can't sell it/restore it to bluray because it's Warner Brothers property.

B.A. 29/08/2014 07:04

Pourriez vous m'indiquer votre source pour que je me procure ce DVD.

Delister 28/08/2014 23:40

Je possède une version d'Agostino, d'assez bonne qualité, certainement issue de VHS,mais malheureusement en VO.
Et là, je suis en attente d'avoir une version DVD, mais qui sera apparemment sous titrée en anglais.

lesdiagonalesdutemps 04/02/2013 19:07

Thank you for these details. Most of Bolognini were released in DV though... I then keep on waiting a DVD version of Agostino.

Bernard 03/02/2013 08:18

There is a DVD version of the film but the image quality is ordinary. What sort of copy are you looking for?

lesdiagonalesdutemps 03/02/2013 09:00

Une qualité ordinaire serait parfaite pour moi. Je n'ai qu'une copie V.H.S presque pas regardable.