Flore et faune australienne par John William Lewin (1770-1819)

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Koala and Young (1803)

Koala and Young (1803)

Australian Nuthatch

Australian Nuthatch or varied sittella (1808)
Daphoenositta chrysoptera


Waratah (floral emblem of NSW) (1806)

Fish Catch and Dawes Point

Fish Catch and Dawes Point* (1812)

Sydney Cove 1808

Sydney Cove (1808)

Echidna ... porcupine ant-eater -- short-beaked echidna - Tachyglossus aculeatus 1807

Echidna (or porcupine ant-eater or short-beaked echidna) (1807)


Acacia (1805)

watercolour sketch of native Australian male carrying spear and woomera (spear-thrower)

Blueit, a native of Botany Bay (1810)

Wombats 1801

Wombats (1801) 

Spotted Side-Finch (Diamond Firetail) - Stagonopleura guttata 1800

Spotted Side Finch or Diamond Firetail (1800)

Platypus 1810

Platypus (1810)
Ornithorhynchus anatinus 

Banksia Beauty (banksia moth – Psalidostetha banksiae) 1803

Banksia Beauty or Banksia Moth (1803)
Psalidostetha banksiae

Thylacine cynocephalus (Tasmanian Tiger)

Tasmanian Tiger (1809)

The southern leaf tailed gecko (Phyllurus platurus) 1807

The southern leaf-tailed gecko
Phyllurus platurus (1807)

19th c. watercolour sketch of Hawkesbury river region NW of Sydney

"A veiw [sic] of the River Hawkesbury, N.S. Wales" (1810)

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