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I’ve been holding off on reblogging this, but it’s so otherworldly and graceful that I’ve succumbed


Amazing ensemble.



iomfats: Is there anything worn under the kilt? Traditionally, no. Love the colors & the tweed jackets.


steveboy20legitimatelycoolhair: Something in a haircut? At least the shorts are decent. There’s something very cool and insouciant about him… I think it’s the stance.


Two boys just becoming teenagers. What are they thinking?



Feeling everything about this but the Nike swooshes on the socks


Great tie.


Rather posed - who was taking all these pictures of schoolboys in uniform? And the one in the green sweater obviously dresses right.


Stylish. And gorgeous calves.


kinkytheo: Dressed for winter Haha I love this! And looong legs



Not so into the guy (he’s fine), but great look & pulling it off


Style for miles.


unbelievably cool.


A little bit of Christian Bale… love the legs





moonlitrains: There is something cute and a bit derpy about him that I like.

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