Dean Grayson

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Commission - Dick Grayson by *DeanGrayson I love getting commissions to draw things I love to draw.


Relic Chasers cover 1 by *DeanGrayson So, scripts for Relic Chasers issue 1 and 2 are finished. Let the drafting commence! >:D


You did this to me, Tumblr. And don’t think I’m not looking at you, kaciart. >:IBut seriously, I love you guys. …Shame on you both. Note: This was actually the original design for my last commission. I like the second one better.


Commission - Jason/Tim by *DeanGrayson


Sketching to pass the time. >u>


Commission - Castiel and Gargoyle by *DeanGrayson



ladragonaria: weaverthepoet: Vladimir: Yes. His strength was more or less equal to my own. And he hit me with a lamppost as well… It was. Surprising? …Ow. Julian: Oh, don’t be a baby. //holds his chin// You can take a hit from a lamppost, but ointment is too much for the mighty Asgardian? You cheeky cheeky devil. XDDD You suave bad boy, Vlad. How dare you woo Julian with all of those kisses and then let him shoo you away so easily. XDDD


Julian:“Perks of having powers is that I always have somewhere to sit. I’ll just use this stone to make a bench.. and voila! A perfect spot to read.” I might color this later… SOURCE: DeanDraws


Julian~♥ Source: Dean_Draws@LJ


Most of my favorite work comes to me at 3am.Source: DeanDraws@DA


Have some naked Jason Todd. Source is my LJ: Dean_Draws


Shamelessly encouraging Lipglossaddict to post her Damian/Colin. >83 Source: Dean_Draws@LJ


bartallen: …oh. well then. carry on. (oh god so cuuuuuuute) Source to my LJ plz. Dean_Draws -Dean


I got a little bit bored and drew some Supernatural last night. Does it look like Dean Winchester? Y/N?


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