Barthé, James Richmond (1901-1989)

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James Richmond Barthé sculpteur populaire afro-américaine associée à la Renaissance de Harlem. Il a utilisé son art comme un moyen de travailler sur des conflits internes liés à la race et la sexualité.


commiepinkofag: James Richmond Barthé Barthé was unique among African-American artists during the Harlem Renaissance in that he was the only one to exploit fully the black male nude for its political, racial, aesthetic, and erotic significance, as in Feral Benga and Stevedore. His homoeroticism is expressed in both Western mythological themes and in notions of the Africanized primitive. Although Barthé remained closeted all his life, he entered an established network of gay men and women soon after his arrival in Harlem in 1929. His penchant for homoerotic themes was encouraged by his friends in New York’s gay and artistic communities, which stretched across barriers of race, gender, and class.



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