Affiches de la Grande Guerre

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propaganda lithograph in colour with explosion and soldier flying through the air

illustrated boots covered in stylised blood and war effort text in big font size below

illustrated eagle with war planes under its talons

red cross war effor poster with dead or dying soldiers being pecked at by vultures

advert poster for ball with Japanese woman illustrated in long stylised flowing gown

lithograph of slightly evil looking clown on stilts for war effort event advert

illustration of stylised 'architectural' eagle dropping wreath on lion's head (metaphor)

illustration in colour of Uncle Sam leaning against legion medallion

colourful poster of vegetables encouraging people to eat less for war effort

satricial illustration of Uncle Sam hammering stake in to middle of Europe

B&W illustration of classical history woman (?Greek goddess) asking citizens to buy bonds

French poster advert for war effort event: clown and historical military-type are the main characters among the written message

french poster bordered by many flags with crowing rooster

Japanese-style scene illustration for war effort event

propaganda poster with severe illustration of bleeding man in grip of metal fist

french advert print with happy man holding fruits & veg accompanied by pig on leash

(probable pochoir technique) tritonal print of kneeling men with machine gun

comic-like propaganda poster with phonetic greek words and castle & soldier banging his head against its base

satirical war lithograph of absurd human-faced dogs on leashes and whip-bearing tamer (Euro war metaphor)

ships on sea and stylised sun's ray and french flag above them

historic-style war propaganda poster with crusader knight on horseback

heart-string tugging illustration for war effort with nurse holding one end of a stretcher

lithograph of (iconic) joyous, victorious french soldier woman, holding hat aloft besides billowing tricolour

amusing illustration of cowering German soldier with absurd rooster trying to break out of huge gold medallion to peck him

colourful comic-sketch of boy-scout blowing trumpet

red background propaganda print with comic-style explosion taking up most of poster space

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